Harry Potter

Harry Potter Series paperback

Well, I have actually shocked myself.  A few years ago I heard an unpleasant comment by JK Rowling, I cannot recall exactly what she said but when I heard it I swore I was having nothing to do with her or any of her books ever.  Since listening to a work mate telling me he was reading Harry Potter to his 7 year old and I have complete and utter double standards I decided to go ahead and read the first book to see what all the fuss is about.

The first book was good, not amazing, but good enough for me to want to read more.  Having read most of the ‘The Chamber of Secrets‘ I’m hooked, cannot put it down enjoying immanency.  As you read the book you are there in Hogwarts, you can see all the charactures as if you are in the room.  It’s so well written, i’m just please I allowed myself to have double standards!

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