Cisco TMSPE Annoyances

TMSPE Installation issues

I’ve recently been reconfiguring Cisco TMS (Telepresence Management Suite) on a client server that lost all their data, following installing Microsoft SQL Express and then installing TMS I ran into a big problem installing the Cisco TMSPE (Provisioning Engine) connecting through to the SQL server, even though the TMS install had worked fine. I was presented with the following error when doing the install;

‘A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to the SQL Server;


This error really bugged me and I couldn’t work out the cause. I read a post online that you needed to state the tcp port used to connect to the server and I thought, hang on is the server actually listening on TCP 1433..


Running ‘netstat -a’ showed it wasn’t, so I checked the SQL configuration to see if it would accept remote connections and that confirmed it would;


Looking at the configuration of the SQL server, I noted that by default, the SQL Server Browser was stopped, so I changed the service to start automatically and then started it.


Then looking at the TCP/IP settings for the ‘SQL Server Network configuration’, you can clearly see that TCP/IP is disabled;


You then need to restart the SQL Service;

Upon doing so, you’ll then see that the TMSPE installation will then complete.


Hope this helps someone else!



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