Bill Bryson

As you may note from my “What I read section”, I read a lot of Bill Bryson.  I know that some people have read/listened to a lot of his books, I own just about all of the both written and audio versions.  The reason why I have both is that listening to a wonderful narrator gives the listener so much more than you get from the written text alone.  Whilst this may be obvious to some,  I cannot being to stress how good the audio versions are.  At first I liked listening to Bill narrate them, his written words with his voice gave the listener a lot more humor to the volumes. Ensuring that I always bought the Bill Bryson narration version was always my first option, that was until I listened to “Down under” which is narrated by William Roberts.  Roberts is an American actor that with his mastery of accents and language adds almost to the story as the books itself.  I’m currently listening to Notes from a small island, every time I switch it on Roberts/Bryson have me in tears with laughter, it’s simply a pleasure to listen to.

If you have not heard any or read any of Bryson’s books, I urge to you to get your hands on a Roberts narrated version, you will not regret it!


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