My activities include;
Running,  Cycling, Swimming (really badly).
I’m currently enjoy books by the following authors;
Neil Gaiman, Kevin Hearne, Bill Bryson, Chuck Wendig, Joanne M. Harris and Ben Aaronovitch.
I watch as much TV as I can, really enjoy(ed) the following;
Game of thrones (Obviously!), The Mentalist, Fringe, Lost, Taken and Jon Doe (Many more besides).
Music, just love the tunes.
Type o Negative, Nine Inch Nails, Fair to Midland, Gojira and far too many to continue listing…
In these pages you’ll find all kinds of stuff from notes I make about Cisco Voice stuff through to reviews and grumblings about everything. 

How to contact me;

Email: james.flockton@gmail.com
Skype: llvectorll
Twitter: @foolishstar
Video: foolishstar@jabber.com

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