Hello there, how are you?

I’m just some chap trying to give myself an online presence, provide some (both myself and you) nerd references (from all nerd things) and make something look nice on the internets, I keep getting distracted by one thing or another and that stops me from adding more.  ANYWAYS – enough excuses!  I hope you are finding the content on this site complete and not all patchy like it has been for way too long.

My activities include;
Running,  Cycling, Swimming (really badly).
I’m currently enjoy books by the following authors;
Neil Gaiman, Kevin Hearne, Bill Bryson, Chuck WendigJoanne M. Harris and Ben Aaronovitch.
I watch as much TV as I can, really enjoy(ed) the following;
Game of thrones (Obviously!), The Mentalist, Fringe, Lost, Taken and Jon Doe (Many more besides).
Music, just love the tunes.
Type o Negative, Nine Inch Nails, Fair to Midland, Gojira and far too many to continue listing…
In these pages you’ll find all kinds of stuff from notes I make about Cisco Voice stuff through to reviews and grumblings about everything. 

How to contact me;

Email: jf@foolishstar.com
Skype: llvectorll
Twitter: @foolishstar
Video: foolishstar@jabber.com